"My name is Courtney Dotson and for the past year Peter Resch has been my ADHD Coach. Also within the year I had a 3.7 gpa for my first semester and a 4.0 gpa for my second semester. Peter has helped me gain control of my emotions and that has led to academic success for my first year in college. Through Peter's coaching style, which included: humor, shared interest in sports, personal insight, and many other great qualities, I am able to mark my freshman year off as a success. I will be forever grateful to Peter because I know I will succeed with my 3 remaining years of college."
"Pete Resch was extremely helpful to me throughout the course of his time being my coach. Not having any prior experience with ADHD coaching, I expected our relationship to be strictly about my academic life, and boy was I wrong! What sets Pete Resch apart from the average ADHD coach is that he takes the time to connect with his students on a personal level. From the very first day of our year-long coaching relationship, Pete Resch took the time to get to know me as well as my interests and hobbies. His efforts to build a relationship early on made me feel as comfortable talking to him as I would a close friend, allowing him to work with me academically in a way that fit my needs perfectly. I would highly recommend Pete Resch to anyone seeking ADHD coaching. No matter what your needs may be, Pete Resch will help you to work through your ADHD in a way that is just right for you."


"I first met Peter in 2011 at a local Toastmaster chapter, when he was honing his public speaking skills. He is passionate about sharing his story and personal challenges having been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD within the last three years. Peter understands the behaviors that play into ADD/ADHD and how they can affect someone's life, both on a personal and professional level."
"Peter has proven that ADD/ADHD is not a hindrance in being successful, which he shows every day in his work and effectively running his coaching practice."
"Peter is continuously getting out of his comfort zone and demonstrating that ADD/ADHD does not have to be an excuse, but is an opportunity for learning and growing. He graduated from top-notch coaching and leadership institutes to provide the best possible support to his clients. In addition, he is committed to continuous learning and training to his clients' benefit. Peter dedicated his career to helping other adults understand their diagnosis and effectively manage it. He does this with compassion, understanding and dedication."
"In 2012 Peter founded a support group for adults with ADD/ADHD, which I had the pleasure of speaking to, and beginning in 2013 he was asked to act as a facilitator for CHADD of Charlotte. He is providing a valuable asset to the community by facilitating these well attended groups, where adults with ADD/ADHD have the opportunity to become educated on ADHD as well as receive understanding and support from fellow adults with ADHD."
"Peter is also a guest speaker to groups (Rotary, YMCA of Rock Hill/Fort Mill, York County Library system) in his capacity as an ADD/ADHD and Life Coach."

Personal Letters

Dear Peter
Words can't express what I've gained through your coaching the past 7 months. Your professionalism and superior knowledge about attention deficit disorder has helped me turn my life around completely. Before I was diagnosed roughly 8 months ago, I didn't know I had ADHD. By attending my first CHAAD meeting (meeting you there) I heard one of the experts suggest hiring a coach. I want to fully express below how your coaching style, professionalism, and always being available has greatly impacted my life; I'm grateful you're my coach and look forward to working with you. Without a doubt! You hold me accountable in many forms (i.e. exercise, meditation, ect..) You continue to educate me on the subject, particularly executive function and how my brain works differently than others The use of timers to help me get organized, "incentive breaks", ect.. Sharing similarities Short meditation exercises before our calls so that we can begin our session in the "present" I've learned that ADHD is a gift and you have coached me into honing my skills in a particular field where I have flourished! Learning about the emotional part of my brain versus the logical part
Pete coached me through tough times and changed my perspective on ADHD and life in general. He introduced me to mindfulness and meditation and taught me how to master my emotions and understand and accept my ADHD brain. Pete is especially adept at coaching clients through the emotional challenges that are often overlooked in ADHD treatment plans. Pete is a scholar and has amassed a vast library of ADHD tools, assessments, and literature. His quest for understanding ADHD has inspired my own. He put me back at the ship’s wheel after a hurricane and guided me through other storms over our three-year coaching relationship. Pete helped me find my voice, my confidence, self-appreciation, and my path in life. I highly recommend Peter Resch.

Professional Certification

Dear ICF Credentialing Committee:
As his mentor coach with iPEC coaching I have had the opportunity to hear Peter I believe that Peter's clients will benefit from his abilities as a coach. He empowers his clients to set goals and create action plans and then holds them accountable for accomplishing these goals. Based on my recent observations, I recommend Peter Resch for the ACC Credential.
Deborah Avery, PCC
New York Executive Coaching, LLC
To whom it may concern:
This letter is being written in support of the application of Peter Resch for his ACC credential. I have observed Peter's coaching in a teleclass setting. He is a good listener and uses powerful questions to elicit thoughtful responses from his clients. He is supportive and holds the clients' agenda as they move through the coaching process and experience coaching challenges. In my professional opinion, Peter Resch coaches at the ACC level and beyond. I am pleased to recommend Peter Resch in his application for ACC status. He is enthusiastic and committed to coaching; and clearly demonstrates a solid understanding and use of ICF core coaching competencies. If I can be of any further assistance to your committee as you review Peter's application, please contact me.
Coach Certification Committee
International Coach Federation
2365 Harrodsburg Road, Suite A325
Lexington, KY 40504
Children and Adults with Attention- Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)
Edge Foundation
Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching
Jodi Sleeper-Triplett Coaching
Internation Coaching Federation