Coaching for Salespeople and Small Entrepreneurs

I was in sales for 30 years in two different industries. I moved from Philadelphia PA to Charlotte NC in 1988 to open an office for a small insurance company. I was very successful at producing business throughout North and South Carolina. I won sales trips, made six figures for many years and received stock options and bonuses...

I was SUCCESSFUL by most standards.

Business Strategy Organization

But I had major problems in various arenas:

  • Doing expense reports and other reports felt impossible.
  • While I got along well with my co-workers and associates in general, I would have emotional meltdowns when the pressure got too high.
  • I got along great with my many bosses within the company but would get frustrated with feeling like I could not get it all done. This would cause arguments that led to hurt feelings and fractured relationships.
  • The pressure of my job also affected my family life as I was completely exhausted and moody at the end of the day.
  • Even though I was "succeeding" by the sales numbers, it did not FEEL that way as I was constantly told that I was UNDERACHIEVING. "If only you would get more organized and efficient!"
  • My success was haphazard and hard to explain or repeat. My poor planning and organization skills made every day an adventure. I was always "in trouble" with the boss.
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Sales is a career in which MANY ADHDer's wake up and find ourselves. We graduate from college and wonder what the heck we are going to do (especially if we have undiagnosed ADHD). We are typically very intelligent and we have good communication skills (often very funny in a quirky way). People really like us even if they find us a bit crazy. We LOVE to be ON THE MOVE and out of a boring office. The pressure of sales STIMULATES OUR BRAINS- it is competitive like sports for many of us. But for a salesperson with ADHD, my list from above comes into play in some fashion eventually.

I am a seasoned ADHD coach who has ADHD and has two out of three children with ADHD (one male and one female).

I help salespeople (and small entrepreneurs who sell as a primary function) to:

  • Fully understand their ADHD especially their Executive Functions
  • Give them Strategies to deal with Time Management, Organization and Procrastination.
  • Give them the Tools to handle the administrative part of the job.
  • Teach them to Manage the Manager. Fundamentally getting their ADHD under control will allow them to improve ALL RELATIONSHIPS (at work and at home). Finding peace EMOTIONALLY will make the rest of the job FUN.
  • In general I will work with the CLIENT'S AGENDA.

You can be a happy Salesperson with ADHD! Let me help you to do so.

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